Saturday, May 10, 2014


 Two beautiful poems by Edgar Guest to honor motherhood this weekend.  Both make me thankful for the sweet mother God blessed my life with.  And both inspire me to be that kind of mother to my children. 


Let every day be Mother's Day!
Make roses grow along her way
And beauty everywhere.
Oh, never let her eyes be wet
With tears of sorrow or regret,
And never cease to care!
Come, grown up children, and rejoice
That you can hear your mother's voice!

A day for her! For you she gave
Long years of love and service brave;
For you her youth was spent.
There was no weight of hurt or care
Too heavy for her strength to bear;
She followed where you went;
Her courage and her love sublime
You could depend on all the time.

No day or night she set apart
On which to open wide her heart
And welcome you within;
There was no hour you would not be
First in her thought and memory,
Though you were black as sin!
Though skies were gray or skies were blue
Not once has she forgotten you.

Let every day be Mother's Day!
With love and roses strew her way,
And smiles of joy and pride!
Come, grown up children, to the knee
Where long ago you used to be
And never turn aside;
Oh, never let her eyes grow wet
With tears, because her babes forget.

  By Edgar Guest



She never closed her eyes in sleep till we were all in bed;
On party nights till we came home she often sat and read.
We little thought about it then, when we were young and gay,
How much the mother worried when we children were away.
We only knew she never slept when we were out at night,
And that she waited just to know that we'd come home all right.

Why, sometimes when we'd stayed away till one or two or three,
It seemed to us that mother heard the turning of the key;
For always when we stepped inside she'd call and we'd reply,
But we were all too young back then to understand just why.
Until the last one had returned she always kept a light,
For mother couldn't sleep until she'd kissed us all good night.

She had to know that we were safe before she went to rest;
She seemed to fear the world might harm the ones she loved the best.
And once she said: "When you are grown to women and to men,
Perhaps I'll sleep the whole night through; I may be different then."
And so it seemed that night and day we knew a mother's care--
That always when we got back home we'd find her waiting there.

Then came the night that we were called to gather round her bed:
"The children all are with you now," the kindly doctor said.
And in her eyes there gleamed again the old-time tender light
That told she had been waiting just to know we were all right.
She smiled the old-familiar smile, and prayed to God to keep
Us safe from harm throughout the years, and then she went to sleep.

By Edgar Guest

Thursday, May 8, 2014

When God Ran, By Benny Hester

I wanted to share this video of one of my favorite songs, When God Ran, by Benny Hester (I know I'm dating myself, badly!). So often we think of our response to God when we are not obeying Him. But this song, like the Bible passage on the prodigal, reminds me of God's heart towards me. It is so humbling. And as a parent, it reminds me of how my attitude should be towards my children when they disappoint.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Mom Song - Happy Mother's Day

For a fun look at the day in the life of motherhood...  : )  

(Be sure and click the little box in the lower right of the screen to expand the video to "full screen" size.  When done, push the Escape "Esc" button on the top left of your keyboard.)

Homeschooling: Preparing for Life

Thinking of homeschooling?  Need reminders about why you decided to homeschool in the first place?  Take less than 15 minutes to watch this encouraging video. 

You Can Homeschool series by HSLDA

You Can Homeschool, By HSLDA
   If you are considering homeschooling ( or considering quitting homeschooling!) these short videos offer some reminders and encouragement as you make or commit to this important decision for your family.

                                                                Part 1: 

                                                             Part 2:
Part 3:

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy Resurrection Day!

Below are a few videos of some of my favorite songs that celebrate the resurrection of our Savior.  They are performed by Keith Green and Don Francisco.

 I hope they minister to you too.  For some, they will bring back rich memories of a special time in Christian music.

    Keith Green was a powerful part of the Jesus Movement in the 1970's.  Along with two of his children, he was killed in a plane crash at 28 years old .  He was full of much conviction and had a passion for telling others about Jesus.  You can learn more about his ministry here .
   Don Francisco was also a strong voice in the Christian music community during the 70's & 80's.  He and his wife, Mary (from Wendy & Mary) still minister today.


                                  The Easter Song, by Keith Green

  Too Small a Price, by Don Francisco
From their website...
Don Francisco's music has always focused on the forgiveness of a loving God. Don is known worldwide for his ballads written from the point of view of Bible characters who were surprised by God's grace. His best known song, "He's Alive", is written from the point of view of Peter just after the crucifixion of Jesus. "Too Small A Price" is another powerful song written from the point of view of the thief on the cross who slowly comes to realize that he is being crucified next to the Messiah.
This song has two parts.  The first is the story of the thief as mentioned above.  The second part is what is happening with the saints, during the 3 days that Jesus' body is in the tomb. 
The Victor, by Keith Green
He's Alive! , By Don Francisco

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Common Core State Standards Initiative - Let's Be Informed

     So what do you know about "Common Core"?  If you're like me, you've recently been hearing the phrase more and more, but aren't sure what all the fuss is about.  As a home educator, I often must ignore the issues that  plague the public school system.  I'm busy enough keeping my own nose above water, and working on the task of homeschooling my own children.   So while I can't get too involved in every political issue floating around, this subject seems to warrant my attention, especially since people and organizations (like HSLDA) that I respect are starting to weigh in heavily on the topic.  The information that is coming to the forefront is alarming and concerning, and seems to affect all of us... public, private and home schools... and eventually our society in general.   It is definitely worth spending a little time finding out what this is about, because our children's futures are closely linked to this agenda. 
     My understanding of Common Core is that it is a standardized curriculum primarily for math and English, designed by the federal government, that individual states are adopting and implementing in their public schools.  The incentive for states to give up the independent governing of their own public schools is of course... money... incentives in the form of federal dollars.  Since the public schools do have many issues with the quality of education, this sounds like it should be a good thing, right?  But there are several problems with this that affect homeschoolers, either directly or indirectly, and families in general.  For example, as public schools change their curriculum to reflect what is on the Common Core exams, and colleges change their entrance and placement exams to reflect that same curriculum, private and home schooled students who are not taught the content of Common Core, will be at a disadvantage for admissions, scholarships and other options.  And the content of Common Core is
reason enough to be concerned.  Also, it appears that there is an agenda completely separate from educating, as it calls for the gathering of private information, studying students' behavior for invasive purposes, etc.  It's all rather shrouded and curious.  I'm no expert for sure, and am still trying to understand it all.  Perhaps the info. below will help add some clarity.
     Below is an article and a few short videos that will help explain the reasons for the concern. You may not be able to watch them all at once, but please take the time to work through this information until you have a good understanding and can tell a friend why they might want to be concerned too. These are all quite compelling, so take a moment, and join me on a journey of information gathering.  I think we owe it to our children not to sleep on our watch. 

Also, here is an article by Michelle Malkin, with more details. Quite informative.

This is a short film (39 min.) from HSLDA, explaining Common Core and some of the concerns:

David Barton on Common Core (39 min.): 

Arkansas Mom on Common Core (4 min.):